An Overview of an Eye Lift and what It can be for

Eye Lift Our outward appearance is an important aspect of social acceptance and survival. The metaphor “don’t judge a book by its cover” is something that reality doesn’t find to be true because, realistically speaking, we all need to look our best for us to find a good job and therefore survive. Also, we shouldn’t deny the fact that people will be getting some kind of impression the moment they lay their eyes on us. So if your belief in such childish metaphor is strong, then continue with your life at your own risk. Our lives can be made or broken by how the world thinks of us and this starts at first glance.

It is because of this practical knowledge that people go to such lengths to look as best the best way they can. From stylish clothing to an infinite shelf of cosmetic products, people nowadays find that these material objects are no longer luxury items. A striking suit or a made-up from Mac are now regarded as valuable investments that no one seems to criticize anymore. Today, the biggest investment a person can make to significantly enhance their outward appearance is to undergo cosmetic surgery. More commonly called “plastic” surgery, these kinds of medical procedure was conducted more than 5.5 million times in America in the year 2011 alone. Worldwide, however, there was a total of more than 15 million people who had plastic surgery and the country that had the most is America and the country that had the highest percentage in relation to total population is South Korea.

One of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed

There are more than 30 popular plastic surgery procedures nationally available in the US and one of these is Eye lift surgery. An eye lift is the common term used to refer to blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery that is done for cosmetic reasons. Blepharoplasty, in general, is a surgical procedure done to fix saggy eyelids. As we age, gravity and the normal decline in elasticity of our skin can cause our eyelids to expand and stretch downward. Hence the term “eye bags”. This makes a person look significantly older and can evoke a character of weakness. With Blepharoplasty, the surgeon will remove fat deposits, excess skin, and other tissues to eliminate the baggy look that these excess tissues are causing. This will eliminate the appearance of eye bags and a younger, energetic, and confident look can be regained.

Blepharoplasty as a functional reconstructive procedure

Eyelid surgery is commonly understood as an elective cosmetic procedure done to give a person a more young and active look. While this is true, the procedure also has functional benefits, especially if the saggy eyelid is the upper eyelids. Saggy upper eyelids will not allow the eyes to completely open which can cause visual impairments. This can also cause the eyelashes to fold inwards, which further impeded vision and can also cause damage to the eyeball. The common effect of droopy upper eyelids are accidents particularly road accidents and falls. Hence, the functional purpose of eyelid surgery. Through the surgery, the surgeon can remove the excess skin and tissues that are causing the visual impairment and thus unobstructed vision can be regained.


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