Having the Right Service by Choosing the Right Eye Doctor

Our eyes are fragile parts of our body. A lot of different things can cause damage to our eyes. When the unfortunate does happen, care must also be taken in deciding where to go and which doctor to visit.

Eye Doctor

The different kinds of eye doctor

There are 2 main kinds of eye doctors. There is the Optometrist, and there is the Ophthalmologist. An understanding of both professions will be of great help when eye problems arise and you need to find the best available eye care provider.


In a nutshell, this kind of eye doctor is concerned with ensuring proper vision care and providing services for eye care. Ann optometrist’s main goal is to ensure that you are seeing clearly and if not, he will prescribe the right eye glasses or contact lenses for you. Technically, these guys are not physicians. However, they are doctors who have passed both a national and state licensure exams. Their educational milestones include:

  • 4-year baccalaureate degree
  • Passing of an admissions exam for optometry school
  • 4-year Doctor of Optometry degree program
  • Experience in eye clinics whether they are affiliated with a hospital or not
  • Passing of the licensure exams

Optometrists do the following jobs:

  • Perform eye examinations to patients
  • They are able to help fix refractive vision problems like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatisms
  • Determine which kind of eye glasses or contact lens is required for a patient
  • They are able to identify serious eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, and eye infections
  • Some states in America allow optometrists to order medications to treat certain eye conditions


This kind of eye doctor is concerned with detecting eye diseases, whether or not the patient is suffering a visual impairment or not, and treating them through prescribing medication or performing surgery. An ophthalmologist is also capable of prescribing contact lenses or glasses. The educational milestones that a student must pass before become an ophthalmologist include:

  • 4-year baccalaureate degree
  • Completion of Medical school that takes 4-years
  • 1- year internship
  • Worked as a resident doctor of ophthalmology in a hospital for at least 3 years

Ophthalmologists perform the following medical services:

  • They are able to conduct thorough eye examinations
  • Treat conditions such as glaucoma and eye infections
  • Perform surgical procedures to treat eye problems such as laser eye surgery and others
  • Diagnose eye problems of a patient
  • They are also able to perform cosmetic eye surgeries such as eyelid surgery for people who have droopy eyelids.

Other eye care specialists

Low Vision Specialist

A low vision specialist is actually an ophthalmologist or optometrist that has gained an accreditation to perform low-vision eye care services. Patients who are already experiencing a high level of visual impairment can benefit from these specialists because they are able to prescribe devices or optical services that will maximize the visual capacity of the remaining part of their eyes that can still see.


This kind of eye-care specialist is a usual colleague of ophthalmologists. They are certified to provide eye care pertaining to evaluation of sight and treating problems on binocular vision and eye mobility.


This kind of eye-care specialist can be called an eye device technician. They receive prescription from optometrists or ophthalmologists as to what kind of glasses, contact lenses, or other vision device is needed for a patient. The optician will then dispense the device considering specific measurements of the patient’s eyes.


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